Completely new series of OFF-WHITE x Nike! Can it be the legendry of “The Ten” again?

Last year, OFF-WHITE x Nike brought us “The Ten” series for the first time. The shock and surprise to the sneakerheads all over the shall be written in history. It also contributed to the popularity of this series in the sneaker world or even the fashion world.

In the second joint season of this year, although every sneaker won their high popularity, many people still think it is impossible to surpass the classic “The Ten” series. If they are only changed in color, it is hard to meet the rising aesthetic appreciation of people. Recently, Virgil Abloh, again, works with Nike to release a new series, showing the ability of the top designers.

This time, athletes are the main inspiration and theme. It brings us a completely new series of designs. They are shown by the famous female athletes all over the world. The series include Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint, Nike Zoom Fly SP “The Ten”, Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit, and two new designed sneakers, which are based on Vapor Street, and Waffle Racer.

There is no doubt that these two new designed sneakers become the focus of people. In the previous reports, many people said they were not that into these sneakers, which is quite similar to the situation when “The Ten” just came last year.

Editor thinks that it doesn’t need to be hurry to define the beauty and ugliness. At least, there are some points quite successful this time. It makes people see the new unprecedented designs. It is a completely new design and structure of the sneaker. You can predict the high popularity in the future.

For now, there is no news on the sales of the joint work series sneakers. It should be soon for sale in the future. We will continue to follow up on this and report to you at the first time.

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