The real object of Yeezy blue zebra PK Yeezy Cream White, which one do you prefer?

This year, there are so many colors for Yeezy. Adidas originals once again, expose the products of completely new colors. The blue zebra, which is being released, has been one of the most popular products of Yeezy in the second half of this year, after white zebra.

This Yeezy 350 V2 leaves a very cool impression visually by the match of ice blue and white in the shoe body. PK materials are also used for its shoe body and middle sole. Letters SPLY-350 are continued to be used. The visual effect is shown by blue zebra.

Many people might have some doubts. What does “SPLY” mean? It is short for Saint Pabolo Loves You, which means Knaye loves you when translated.
Enjoy the real object of Yeezy blue zebra

In comparison, the White Yeezy, which is also of most popular, is relatively restrained.

Enjoy the real object of Yeezy cream white

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