Why Yeezy, the co-works of Kanye and adidas, sell so well?

When you search Yeezy Boost 350 on Instagram, there would be more than 100 thousand post. It is even surprising when you search Yeezy. The history records are more than a million. The uploading of these pictures, and so many likes and comments are all generated since June this year.

It is actually the series designed by Kanye West for adidas. After the cooperation with Nike ended in 2013, Kanye went to Nike’s competitor—adidas. It is said then that the patent issue is one of the factors. And Kanye also wanted a better platform. (We believe that it is a matter of money).

In Feb. 2015, the co-work with adidas released for the first time. At that time, the social media and other media are very interested about two sneakers: Yeezy Boost 350 and 750. The later one has only 9000 pairs for its first sale, and its price soon go up over 10 thousand.

At the end of 2015, Yeezy became the focus of the social media again. The reason is simple. Yeezy Boost 350 is releasing new color–“Agate Gray/Moonrock”, which was for sale on the 14th of that month.

This is the third color. From the white color at the beginning, and black color in August, every time Yeezy Boost 350 would bring a upsurge in social media and the second hand market.

After the sale of the white version, it was sold out in one hour in Europe and Canada, 15 mins in USA. Before its sale, all kinds of fashion media, sports forums, and sneaker forums are preparing for this. They also writes article like How can you get a Yeezy after the sale.

But this is useless. This sneaker, which sells crazily, is just the same as sneakers like the Air Yeezy and Air Yeezy II, the co-works of Kanye and Nike in the past. Although the official price is only one to two thousand RMB, it goes up to more than 8 thousand if you really want to get one. It is hard to get a pair even you are rich enough. That’s what this sneaker is.

From the point of design, it is out of question that the sneaker is so popular. The integrated design of the PK materials with good ventilation is matched with big BOOST, which is adidas’ technique patent. It is also applied with comfortable sock design. The single colored shoe face is simple with rich details in the whole sneaker. The wider shoe tie is used and the middle shoe sole is decorated with leather half circles. The ring in the shoe end is made of canvas. It matches all styles, which has already been proved by Knaye’s good friends, wife, and other relatives.

There is always a sneaker so popular for people to rush to purchase in the sneaker field, like the co-work of adidas and Raf Simons, Nike’s Air Jordan 10. The price of the later has ranked first in the market for several seasons. Curry One MVP of Under Armour was once also the top 10 in the most valuable sneaker report because the signed NBA super star–Stephen Curry get MVP for the regular season.

The price of sneaker goes up and down, which is similar to other goods. Except it is a sneaker worn by Jordon in the year of XX, and Jordon got some special honor wearing this sneaker, then the price of the sneaker can be kept long or valid all the time.

Why the Yeezy sneaker can be purchased in such hurry? Rare commodity is what it is. Of course, Kanye’s influence cannot be ignored—money from fans is easy to make. They are willing to buy a white T-shirt at the price of 120USD. It is not hard to sell a good sneaker.

About this Yeezy sneaker, we have collected some comments.

In the forums, weibo, people say like this:

◆There are a lot of people who pretend to be fashionable to buy this Yeezy Boost while waiting in long queue. However, this 350, which is focused by everyone is not only a stunts. (This is a master going to watch the show).

◆The style of the 2000RMB sneaker is just like other shoes of famous brands, which are wroth several thousand or even more than 10o thousand. There is no reason it doesn’t get popular, isn’t it?

◆Personally, I think the cost performance of this sneaker is very good, compared with the YOHJI BOOST of the Y3 series. Its officially price is 1699RMB. But if the price goes too high later, it is useless to talk about the cost performance. Then you are buying Yeezy rather than sneaker! (this is the comment from the people who firstly get the sneaker.)

◆Many people are complaining about the ugly appearance of the sneaker, which is not worth the price. What I want to say is that Yeezy will not care about the appearance. Personally I don’t think it is ugly, this is probably I’m a fan of Kanye. Please don’t complain on this. How many people quit nike Yeezy because of its high price, and how many people regret not buying one when its price is not that high. I’m one of them. (The true fan)

◆The price raise from 2000 to 12000,It is unbelievable.

◆For this style, if it is not the joint work, it only worth 400. If I can get one, I will give this to my grandpa for his Taichi exercises in the morning. (Those who are in the dilemma of the price are also part of the people who are raising the prices)

◆Li Chen got a pair, and in his Weibo, there are all the comments for the same sneaker as Wu Yifan.

◆The shoe face is just like salted vegetable! (From a cute net pal in Hupu)

◆much similar to roshe run. Compared to 750, the details and packages are not that exquisite. (many complaint on the simple package)

◆many people say it is like roshe run when being released. It is much more beautiful than roshe run, with better cushion effects. (although Knaye has ended the cooperation with Nike, the promotion this time is connected to Nike)

Comments on Instagram,and twitter are as follow:

◆It is already 2 o’clock in the morning and it’s time for study. But I’m looking for Yeezy Boost online for the present for my brother’s birthday. Oh, That’s the benefits of brother.

◆when hearing the name of moonrock, I want 2000000 pairs more!

◆I’ve gone so far, and I have even put in the information of my credit card. But it shows failure of payment. It is too bad.

◆Dear Father Christmas, can I get a pair of Yeezy Boost 350. Whatever color is fine, and I will promise you to be a good child. Your boy, Anti.

◆I would rather die if I can get a pair of Yeezy Boost 350. I will definitely…keep…trying…

(net pals abroad are so royal to Yeezy)

It can never go away from Kanye and his wife Kardashian.

It is so easy to make money from fans, let alone there is a wife who is always the headline of the fashion world. She got some sisters who are very pretty too, as well as many super star to help her. And the exposure of this sneaker will keep going before its official release.

Kanye has about 740 thousand fans in his Instagram, and his wife Kardashian has 51.6 million fans. Because of the huge fan group of Kardashian, fashion media are always paying attention to her. The sale of Kanye’s sneaker are all posted by Kardashian’s account. It also shows a kid version before long, which is said to give the second child who is born next month. This post has more than 1 million likes.

Kanye works so hard to sell his sneakers. After the first release in New York fashion Week, Kanye soon went to the adidas stores to get sneakers for the customers who get the lucky lottery. And many fans are asking for signature in the sneakers. This method is also used in the store in London.

One good thing of being a singer is that he is a walking ad. Except he writes a song for Air Force 1, he wears his sneaker in the MTV. And he wore the 750 in the Grammy night. His wife Kardashian shown this picture the night before, which drives the net pals so crazy. All Kanye’s friends are sitting and waiting for KOL to post new pictures.

It is now popular to send sneaker to president. This 350 is sent to Obama, which should be the biggest KOL.

Many domestic pop stars also show this sneaker. Yu Wenle, Wu Yifan, Luo Zhixiang, Zheng Kai, Lin Junjie, Chen Yixun, Cai Zhuoyan, Zhou Bichuang, and so on. more than half of them are spokesman of Adidas origins. In every channel you have access to information, there will be this sneaker. This is probably the marketing stategy of Kanye.

Although hungry marketing is an old method, it still works well.

Although Kanye says he hopes everyone can get a pair of Yeezy, it is impossible as the sneaker is for sale in limited quantity. For now, the price in the second hand market is several times as the original one. The 750’s price has been raised to more than 10 thousand. The total quantity is only 9000 pairs, and those go to China mainland is only more than 10.

The hot situation in the second hand market drives some people who got the sneaker by waiting in line to re sell them at a higher price. They are definitely part of the people who make the price high. Except the topic on its appearance, price is another topic talked most online. Fans try other best to get a pair with more efforts and money. Then they start to do the opening evaluation. Outside people keep talking about why this sneaker can be so expensive and if it is really worth the price.

It is not only the hungry marketing, but also the continuous releasing, which keeps the sneaker hotter and hotter. From the white version to black version, to the Taichi version, to the kid version, there will be more colors to be released. The reason why they are not released at the same time is obvious. From the first show in Feb to now, Yeezy has been the keyword of this year. On October 30th, the 950 version is released. Yes, the quantity is also limited.

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