Yeezy jointly signed with 2XU, an Australian sport brand, holds a party in Sydney

Early in Feb., Kanye West’s wife — Kim Kardashian posted some picture and indicated that in the fashion week of New York, they will bring new co-work with 2XU, an Australian sport brand. 2XU is founded by Jamie Hunt, the former triathlete of Australia. It releases a series of clothes for athletes. With the preparation for several months, the series are decided to be released on a party in Sydney. However, it seems that the passion for the sport and leisure clothes is not that high as no one comes to the party. Obviously, Yeezy cannot go into the customers in Sydney. There is no consuming and the store is empty. But no one knows why. Probably it is Kanye West’s speeches that are too over these days, which causes the decrease of confidence in customers.

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